Raw Limits
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Raw Limits
Raw Limits - Creation & Emotion This music is being created step by step. Inspiration - a thought - an idea, in a blink - wanting to be held- to be assessed - put in motion - it tries to inspire, to grow. This suggestion goes into the group - is tested there. Each provides his most valuable contribution - into the arrangement. Notated - filed - the red light flashes in the studio. So begins our spontaneous interaction. Only few overdubs are accepted. It's the pleasure of traveling the road together - enjoying the group's energy and dynamics.
Christian Maria Seitelberger & cms_Report
Die Band Christian Maria Seitelberger, e-guitar Reinhard Reiter, e-keys Martin Zwicker, e-bass Roland Punzenberger, a-drums
recording engineer: roland punzenberger at garden-studios zu punzenberg 2011